sakstorp (sakstorp) wrote,

Чего только не вычитаешь случайно...

Типа 9мм Браунинг Лонг и 38 АКП по сути один патрон, хотя все говорят что это не так.

In Belgium however Fabrique Nationale also put another variation of the same pistol into production as the 1903 FN Browning chambered for the more powerful 9mm Browning Long which is better known in the United States and Britain as the .38 Automatic or .38ACP. This pistol was of the same design as the Colt 1903 but was made physically larger to accommodate the more powerful 9mm Browning Long cartridge. The 9mm Browning Long/.38 Automatic had been created by Browning for his Colt M1900 pistol which was not successful.
Tags: боеприпасы, да они охренели
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